Acryfelt Mesh

ACRYFELT MESH is an alkali-resistant reinforcement in polyester with a special honeycomb structure that ensures easy impregnation of the screen, high resistance to longitudinal and transverse loads and good elasticity to diagonal loads.

ACRYFELT MESH may be used together with liquid waterproofing of different kinds (acrylic, cement, polyurethane and asphalt). Remember to cover the reinforcement completely with the waterproofing product used, overlapping adjacent sheets by at least 5-10 cm.

Casali Acryfelt Mesh T1


  • Ensure easy impregnation
  • Highly resistant to longitudinal and transversal loads
  • Excellent elasticity
  • Very versatile: Acryfelt Mesh can be used with many different waterproofing coatings such as: Acryroof Plus Fibro, Acryrubber, Dermacem, Dermarubber etc..
  • Easy overlapping between the two sheets of Acryfelt Mesh (only 5-10 cm)
  • Its high flexibility makes it perfect to reinforce complex geometry projects

Destination of use:

Acryfelt Mesh is very versatile and can be used to reinforce the waterproofing systems for several destination of use such as:


    • Flat rooftop
    • Slope rooftop
    • Gutters
    • Terraces and balconies
    • Corners and joints
    • Complex geometry projects

Acryfelt Mesh impregnation

Acryfelt Mesh is easy to impregnate to ensure there is no “air pockets” in the waterproofing systems

Acryfelt Mesh versatility

The extreme versatility and flexibility makes Acryfelt Mesh an ideal reinforcement for details, corners and complex geometry

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