EPOBASE is a solvent-free epoxy resin based two-component primer, that is ideal as primer for polyurethane and epoxy resin systems.

The product is generally used on highly porous or low porous cement decks, both as primer and quartz binder for synthetic mortars.

EPOBASE may be thinned and used as a primer to soak cement decks, or used as is, as a structural grouting resin for reinforcement bars.

Casali Epobase


  • Time saver; Epobase is very quick to cure.
  • Improves the lifespan of your system.
  • Its rough surface creates an excellent bonding for liquid coating systems like Acryrubber, Acryroof Plus Fibro or Supersoft System.
  • Highly durable after top coated.
  • Budget friendly.
  • Highly versatile; the product can be used in most of the jobsite.

Destination of use:

Epobase is the perfect solution to:

  • Prepare the subbase for sport floor.
  • Prepare the subbase for waterproofing.
  • Fix uneven surfaces.

Versatility of Epobase:

The primer Epobase is very versatile and it can be used for in several cases.

The Epobase is a concentrated primer and it needs to be mixed/dilulted in order to be used.

It can be mixed with quartz sand (0.1mm – 0.3mm) in different ratios or thinner depending on where the product needs to be used.

Epobase diluted with thinner

The Epobase is a concentrated product and it can be mixed with thinner to make it fluid and liquid enough to be applied by roller on concrete substrate of old courts.

how important the primer is

The application on concrete needs to be done with Epobase mixed with thinner with ratio 20:80 (20 = Epobase and 80 = thinner).

The consumption of this mix is 0.2kg/sqm.

See a quick video clip HERE.

Epobase mixed with sand for heavy duty

Epobase can be mixed with quartz sand to be used for leveling and flattening the surface.

Epobase application on concrete

The extreme solidity and strength of Epobase make this product perfect for preparing the substrate for heavy duty traffic like carpark or driveways.

It needs to be mixed with quartz sand (size 0.1mm – 0.3mm) with ration 1:1. The consumption of this mix will be approxibately 1kg/sqm depending on the tipe of substrate and how much uneven the substrate is.

See a quick video clip HERE.

Epobase mixed with sand as a mortar

The product can be mixed with quartz sand with ratio 1:5 (1 = Epobase and 5 = quartz sand) to create a mortar-type compound to fix and repare the subbase.

application epobase Casali

The combination with the sand makes the compound extremely strong and solid and it can be used for many destination of use.

See a quick video clip HERE

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Diluted Epobase over old court

Epobase can be used as normal primer when diluted with thinner

Epobase is used as a mortar

Epobase mixed with quartz sand can be used as a mortar to fix the subbase

Epobase is used to flatten the surface

Epobase is used with quartz sand with ration 1:1 to level and flatten the surface

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