Casaband SA

CASABAND SA is a self-adhesive butyl rubber band with one side that ensures excellent adhesion on concrete, gypsum board and marble decks, while the other side provides a rough and absorbing surface on which the liquid waterproofing is applied.

CASABAND SA may be used with most liquid water-proofing systems (acrylic, cement, polyurethane and asphalt) and is used as elastic reinforcement when waterproofing floor-wall joints and expansion joints on terraces, balconies, swimming pools, bathrooms, etc.

Casali Casaband SA


  • Easy to impregnate
  • Easy aplication
  • Long lasting (the Casaband SA will be top coated, hence protected to improve the lifespan)
  • Excellent elasticity
  • Very versatile: Casaband SA can be used with many different waterproofing coatings such as: Acryroof Plus Fibro, Acryrubber, Dermacem, Dermarubber etc..
  • Easy overlapping between the rolls
  • Its high flexibility makes it perfect to reinforce complex geometry projects
  • Fully integrated with the waterproofing system

Destination of use:

Acryfelt Mesh is very versatile and can be used to reinforce the waterproofing systems for several destination of use such as:

    • Flat rooftop
    • Slope rooftop
    • Gutters
    • Terraces and balconies
    • Corners and joints
    • Complex geometry projects

Casaband SA on corner

Casaband Sa is an idea tool to reinforce the corners and retails of a rooftop

Casaband SA on metal sheet

The stickiness of the butyl makes it perfect to adhere to the glossy surfaces such as metal sheets or ceramic tiles

Casaband SA top coated

Casaband SA is easy to topcoat with many waterproofing coating such as Acryroof Plus Fibro or Acryrubber

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