Casali sport flooring

Casali ABM is manufacturing and importing highly performing and certified sport flooring solutions. We have flooring solutions available for the most popular sports such as tennis, basketball, running tracks, multipurpose, playgrounds, bike lanes and jogging tracks. Our wide range of solutions includes :


  1. Acrylic sport flooring
  2. Polyurethane sport flooring
  3. Running tracks
Casali Supersoft WS application

SUPERSOFT WS offers all the advantages of a hard court with the elasticity and comfort of a synthetic court.

The composition of the synthetic resins gives a uniform surface that ensures excellent technical performance: improved comfort, perfect ball bounce, excellent friction and slide coefficient ratio and high impact absorption to ensure a fast, safe and enjoyable game.

Pavisint SL 75 semi-outdoor

Pavisint SL 75 system is designed especially for indoor/outdoor sports clubs and multipurpose gyms.

The granular rubber mat Spormat and the self-levelling polyurethane resin based finish make the surface elastic and resistant and ideal for basketball, volleyball, 5-A-Side Football and any other sport which may be played on a synthetic court or in schools.


CASAFLOOR is a polymeric cement based self-flow mortar for leveling uneven surface and sealcoat with polyurethane coating designed especially for car parking floors. 

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