Technoseal PU 600

TECHNOSEAL PU 600 is a one-component thixotropic polyurethane sealant with high elasticity modulus.

TECHNOSEAL PU 600 is the perfect choice for sealing contraction joints and cracks in concrete flooring, laying floor-wall joints, fixing and simultaneously waterproofing floor drains and drain pipes.

The product ensures excellent adhesion to most decks used in the building industry.

Casali Technoseal PU 600


  • Creat adhesion in most of the surfaces
  • Highly elastic.
  • Non harmful.
  • Improves the lifespan of the waterproofing system.
  • It prepares the surface for the application of liquid coating systems like Acryrubber or Acryroof Plus Fibro.
  • Highly durable after top coated
  • Budget friendly

Destination of use:

Technoseal PU 600 is the perfect solution for surfaces such as:

  • Old concrete with cracks.
  • New concrete with cracks.
  • Aluminium flashing.

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