Supersoft WS System

Surfaces for Indoor and outdoor Tennis Courts.
SUPERSOFT WS offers all the advantages of a hard court with the elasticity and comfort of a synthetic court.

The composition of the synthetic resins gives a uniform surface that ensures excellent technical performance: improved comfort, perfect ball bounce, excellent friction and slide coefficient ratio and high impact absorption to ensure a fast, safe and enjoyable game.

The SUPERSOFT WS system which is classified by the ITF in Class 4 (medium-fast), is the official surface for some of the most important international tennis tournaments.

SUPERSOFT WS is also ideal for outdoor basketball, volleyball, 5-A-Side Football and handball courts.

Supersoft WS home photo


  • Highly flexible and elastic to withstand the movements and the micro cracks of the substrate.
  • Extremely resistant to UV; the colors are very stable during the time.
  • Very comfortable when using. 
  • Very versatile; the Supersoft WS system can be applied anywhere (indoor/outdoor, on concrete or on asphalt).
  • Highly performing; the Supersoft WS system is certified ITF Class 4, it complies to International Tennis Federation standards.
  • Very affordable system.
  • Many colors available
Supersoft WS system stratigraphy

Supersoft WS System stratigraphy

Destination of use:

the great versatility of Supersoft WS System makes it very suitable for:

  • Indoor and Outdoor projects
  • The application can be done over concrete or asphalt subbase (for application on concrete we suggest using Epobase primer before application of Supersoft WS system)
  • Tennis courts
  • Bike lanes
  • Jogging tracks
  • Multipurpose courts
  • Basketball courts
  • Badminton outdoor
  • Walkways

Performances of Supersoft WS system:

Performances Supersoft WS system Casali ABM

Available colors in stock of Supersoft WS system:

Supersoft WS available colors

Note that the available colors in stock in Casali ABM warehouse in Thailand are:

  • RED 102
  • GREEN 201
  • LIGHT BLUE 302
  • BLUE 303

Other colors in the below chart are available on demand

Click below to download the Supersoft WS System brochure

Click below to download the TDS of Softbase WS

Click below to download the TDS of Supersoft WS

Click below to download the TDS of Supersoft WS

Supersoft WS for tennis

Supersoft WS for is certified ITF Class 4. It complies to the International Tennis Federation standards.

Supersoft WS system for multipurpose

Supersoft WS is a very versatile system for many destination of use and for multipurpose solutions

Supersoft WS system for outdoor

Supersoft WS system is highly resistant to UV and it is a perfect solution for outdoor sport flooring

Supersoft WS for indoor

Supersoft WS system is also a very suitable indoor sport flooring

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