Corners and joints are the weak spots in a waterproofing system

The corners and the joints are the weak spots and often are the reason of leakages.

Casaband SA 1

We have experienced that the risk of leakages can be sensibly reduced by using CASABAND SA in corners, joints and details. The band helps prevent cracks from leaking out.

CASABAND SA is a self-adhesive butyl rubber band with one side that ensures excellent adhesion on concrete, gypsum board and marble decks, while the other side provides a rough and absorbing surface on which the liquid waterproofing is applied

Casaband SA 1
Casaband SA 1
Casaband SA 4

The extreme adhesion capability of CASABAND SA tightens the band to the substrate, covering the cracks and weak spots.

The CASABAND SA is topped with a special fabric which allow the operator to easily coat it with waterproofing coating such as ACRYROOF PLUS FIBRO or ACRYRUBBER to guarantee a longer lasting waterproofing durability.

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