How to properly waterproof the corners

How to properly waterproof the corners

A quick stratigraphy of how to properly waterproof the corners in a waterproofing system.

Do not underestimate the criticality of the corners and details where infiltration happens and the waterproofing system fails.

Our Acryroof Plus Fibro system has a proven capacity of minimizing leakages.

It has the capacity of extending the lifespan of your waterproofing system.

Here a few steps to waterproof the corners starting from a bare, clean and dry concrete:

  1. Apply a first layer of Acryroof Plus Fibro. Approximately consumption 0.5 kg/sqm to prepare the surface and cover the concrete
  2.  Apply Casaband SA all over the corners to help minimizing leakages and to reinforce the details.
  3. Apply the special reinforcement Acryfelt Mesh all over the flat roof and overlap it with Casaband SA.
  4. Apply 2 more layers of Acryroof Plus Fibro (consumption approximately 2kg/sqm) to soak the Acryfelt Mesh and to complete the system.
    The total consumption of Acryroof Plus Fibro will be about 2.5kg/sqm.

Additional information at: https://casaliabmsea.com/