The safe and versatile Pavisint SL 75 system is designed especially for indoor sports clubs and multipurpose gyms.

The granular rubber mat Spormat and the self-levelling polyurethane resin based finish make the surface elastic and resistant and ideal for basketball, volleyball, 5-A-Side Football and any other sport which may be played on a synthetic court or in schools.

The system reduces the risks of slipping, reduces muscle fatigue and ensures better ball bounce thanks to the application by casting which produces a seamless surface which maintains its technical performance over the years.

The Pavisint SL 75 system also ensures excellent acoustic comfort, as confirmed by specific tests, and is therefore also ideal for heated flooring.

Here is why you should consider a seamless and monolithic sport surface like Casali Pavisint SL 75 instead of PVC or rubber tiles surfaces:

  • Pavisint SL 75 does not have joints that can peel-off.
  • Pavisint SL 75 is impermeable; it does not absorb liquids.
  • The top coat of Pavisint SL 75 prevents the proliferation of bacteria and helps to keep a safe and clean environment.
  • Pavisint SL 75 has several certifications such as FIBA, BWF, Netball etc.. It is fire resistant certified and impact-noise improvement certified.
  • The mat finishing helps the players to play comfortably without having the reflection of the lights. Pavisint SL 75 does not shine (see the related Facebook post HERE).
  • Pavisint SL 75 is easy to clean due to its smooth and seamless finishing.
  • Its impressive durability makes the maintenance costs are very affordable.

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Pavisint SL 75 clip